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Drug Rehab Delaware

Substance abuse is a very serious problem in Delaware, effecting both youth and adults. This is clearly evident when considering that rates of both alcohol and illicit drug use in Delaware are higher than the national average on both counts. Cocaine, heroin and prescription pharmaceuticals are the drugs of choice in the state, with the two latter being problems nationally and an uptrend in abuse of heroin and prescription pain killers in particular mirror each other. The reason being, many individuals begin abusing prescription pain killers and progress to heroin which can often be easier to obtain and ever cheaper. So many individuals in Delaware are having their quality of life threatened by these types of substance abuse issues, issues which can be resolved with effective drug treatment in the state.

One of the important things that addicted individuals in Delaware, and their loved ones, need to understand is that resolving any type of substance abuse isn't something which can be done overnight or even within a matter of days or weeks for that matter. So when looking for a drug rehab solution in the state, it is important to not fall prey to the quick fix solutions which make empty promises they just can't keep. Likewise, outpatient programs are equally not ideal, because the whole point of treatment is to recognize and fix things in one's life that prompted one's substance abuse. These things are very likely in one's current environment, and will sabotage efforts to help the person to the point that they won't be able to sustain any gains in treatment if they don't have solace from them. So choose a drug rehab program in the state of Delaware which provided the much needed change of environment and escape from drug triggers to the person has a real shot at rehabilitation.

When an addicted individual is under the power and control of drugs and/or alcohol, it isn't as simple as using one's willpower to stop. If this were so, we wouldn't be losing tens of thousands of lives to drug addiction and alcoholism each year nationally. So anyone who has a loved one in Delaware who is caught up in a life of addiction mustn't get discouraged, because there is always hope. However, it also takes diligence on the part of loved ones to help addicted individuals who truly can't help themselves. One helpful way to do this is to hold a drug intervention, with loved ones who are completely on board to help the person and do whatever it takes to get them into rehab in Delaware right away. This can be done with or without a professional interventionist, but if an interventionist is going to be an ideal option then find a drug rehab program in Delaware you would like to work with and seek guidance from a professional treatment counselor who can guide you through the process.

Rehab programs in Delaware which allow the individual to remain in treatment for as long as necessary, are called long-term drug rehab programs and these are either inpatient or residential type facilities. Because an individual doesn't have access to drugs or alcohol while in inpatient or residential treatment in Delaware, this is the perfect environment that is conducive to recovery. Such rehab programs n Delaware have proven to be significantly more effective and provide far superior results than out-patient rehab programs. And because an individual always needs time to stabilize both physically and in all other regards in terms of their mental health, and emotional state, long-term programs as opposed to short-term 30 day facilities are tremendously beneficial for heavily dependent and addicted clients in the state. So choose a drug rehab program in Delaware accordingly.

There are different treatment models to choose from which should also be an important part of the decision making process. For example, some long-term inpatient or residential rehab programs may use the traditional 12-step approach. This approach may not have helped in the past, and it certainly isn't the only option to choose from although it may be the most popular. There are even more modern and even long-standing programs and approaches that utilize an alternative treatment approach such as holistic treatment. Holistic treatment helps address many issues that 12-step doesn't broach at all, and issues which can provide the breakthroughs that individuals will need to life a drug free life for the rest of their lives. In any regard, there is a rehab for each and every person in the state and it is just a matter of choosing the most fitting option that best suits the needs of the individual in the long-term.

If financing drug rehab in Delaware is a concern, there are many options available if the individual is covered by private health insurance. This may mean that even many comprehensive programs, including inpatient and residential drug rehab in Delaware may be covered which would of be extremely ideal. If you want to find out if the drug rehab program you are thinking about works with your private health care provider, speak with a professional treatment counselor at the rehab right away and they can answer any questions they have and coordinate with your insurance provider so that you know how to proceed. If self pay is how you are going to pay for rehab for yourself or a loved one in Delaware, there are also financial assistance options that can help provide some financial relief and make it possible to get help where it may have not seemed realistic before. For example, some drug rehabs in Delaware use a sliding scale fee which determines how much treatment will cost from client to client based on their unique financial circumstances and other specific peculiarities including number of dependents, etc.

So if you or a loved one needs effective help get in touch with a professional treatment counselor right away to determine what needs to be done to make this happen. It could require an intervention or financial assistance, but all of these things can be resolved quickly so that lifesaving help is given as soon as possible.


Delaware Drug Statistics

1. The most commonly abuse drug in Delaware is Heroin, especially by teenagers and young adults.

2. Delaware had the 5th highest rate of Heroin related treatment admissions per 100,000 in the Nation in 1999, according to the Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) statistics.

3. According to the state Division of Alcoholism, Mental Health and Drug Abuse, the number of Heroin related treatment admissions in Delaware rose each year from 1,410 in 1995 to 2,356 in 2000, a 67 percent increase.

4. Cocaine was a factor in more deaths, in the metropolitan area of Wilmington, Delaware, than any other illegal drug.

5. In the state of Delaware, 102 people died from drug abuse in 2007.

7. Anti-anxiety and opiates drugs contributed to the deaths of 354 Delawareans in 2009 and 2010.

8. The Delaware Health Statistics Center, in 2009, reported 137 deaths in Delaware because of drug overdoses.

9. Out of the 636 poisonings in Delaware, over 90 percent (575) were because of drug overdoses.

Drug Facts
  • Dilaudid is a derivative of morphine, a powerful narcotic pain killer that has proven to be useful in the relief of pain but that also has a high potential for abuse and addiction.
  • One in four teens in the U.S. reports that they have taken a prescription drug which was not prescribed to them at least once in their lives.
  • Colorado, New Hampshire, and Vermont are ranked in the highest fifth percentile for Americans aged 12 or older and for each of the age subgroups, 12 to 17, 18 to 25, and 26 or older, for rates of illicit drug use.
  • Among American Indian tribes with high rates of alcoholism, around 75% of all accidents, the leading cause of death among American Indians, are alcohol related.